SkyBox – Portable 4TB Mini Server mobile

SkyBox – Mini Portable 4TB Server [Mobile] or The SkyBox Wireless SSD.

SkyBox - Portable 4TB Mini Server mobile.
SkyBox – Portable 4TB Mini Server mobile.


SkyBox – Portable Mini Server is a portable data storage device that can store up to 4 tb it is small the size of a credit card and fits in your pocket.

You can take it anywhere, it’s ideal for those who travel a lot and shoot in places that don’t have internet, you’ll never lose your files again if you want to shoot lots of images and better.

You can also use it as a portable server as it has a storage speed of up to 2 GB per second I filmed, photographed, games.

E Also Called By Wireless SSD SkyBox is a feature-rich storage solution for consumers who need a better way to back up their devices and download data on the go.

The WiFi-enabled design works by providing users with up to 4TB of storage space to back up data on the go or even use as a cloud server to allow seamless access to critical data. Users can take advantage of read speeds of up to 900 Mb/s to easily stream HD content at their leisure or access larger files with minimal waiting time.

The SkyBox wireless SSD can be intuitively managed through the connected smartphone app to allow users to connect to additional cloud units or their other systems.